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Tegan is an author, a Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Health & Wellbeing guru, Wholefood alchemist, Kundalini & Yin Yoga Teacher, Beauty Therapist, Personal Trainer & animal advocate.

She is passionate creative with intention & love woven deep into spreading true health to as many as possible.

Tegan is a specialist in the field of physical detoxing & healing the body of ailments.

Her energy is refreshing & exciting to be around as she paves a sparkling path on her journey of helping uplift others.

Tegan is based in Melbourne where she leads women’s circles, helps run her family’s thriving café Urban Projuice, & continually creates health-inspired products & offerings for her Ocea range.

‘Helping to make the world a healthier place one person at a time.’

personal Bio

I am a lover of life, Mother Earth and exploring the wonderful things she has to offer. I eat consciously, think positively, and have an attitude of gratitude. I haven’t always been this way. In my younger years I was an anxious, stressed, shy girl who really had no idea who I was or what I wanted to do.

At School I was not academic.. I was diagnosed with a language disorder, which put me in a box from a young age. It made me feel different and not accepted. I was Arty and Sporty but was always told I’ll just be a model. No stress… But that lead to a dark destructive path of deep unhappiness and lack of self worth and self-love and constantly striving for perfection!

I was 5’11 179cm tall and 55kgs (I was a stick) and was told time and time again from modeling agencies that I needed to lose weight. It lead me down a path of counting calories and forever on a diet as well as over exercising up to 2 times a day 7 days a week. I could not actually lose weight unless I developed an eating disorder. And I knew I didn’t want to go down that path.

I fell into deep depression during those years from about 17 to 21. Life was seriously tough. Striving for perfection lead me to be so unhappy and angry at life. I had so many dark thoughts that made me feel as if the world was caving down on top of me.

I remember sitting down with my mum one night in my bedroom talking with her about what I was going to do. Thankfully she knew not to let me go on anti depressants but said I had to do something fast. I was at rock bottom. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t study and I was in year 12 and my body was suffering. I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, hormonal & Thyroid imbalances and was a skinny underfed moody teenager.

So I started my research. I went to a bookstore and bought myself a pile of self help books on happiness and health. My journey to self love and happiness finally began. After a lot of hard work and dedication I began to see and feel significant changes.

When I was 19 and studying Beauty Therapy I received a terrifying phone call  from my mum Trina who had been suffering with Crohn’s Disease since I was born. She was in so much pain! I rushed home to the ambulance picking her up to take her to hospital.

Her bowel had perforated!!! She was rushed to have emergency surgery and was so lucky to survive. She had to have an external bowel (ileostomy bag). She spent a month in hospital and then a month on the couch at home before she had the strength to function.

The doctors told us that when her bowel perforates again she won’t survive because she didn’t have enough bowel left to have the procedure done again.

One of the first things we did is go completely Vegan. We went from eating a massive amount of meat to absolutely no animal products. This was a massive challenge at the time because our meals revolved around what meat we were eating. Cooking became a challenge but fun and exciting!

We travelled overseas to study the Gerson Therapy, read countless books, saw so many speakers and tried everything on our own bodies like test subjects.

After our first 30 day fast and eating a plant based diet the penny dropped. We both realized we felt amazing! Our energy had increased, our symptoms disappeared and we had no pain.

Mum had her colonoscopy 18 months after we began our journey and her specialist pronounced her free of Crohn’s disease.  He was absolutely gobsmacked!

So I was inspired to share my new found knowledge and it has led me here. I run the most incredible, fun and inspiring Health & Wellness Retreats in Bali & Australia, I’m an Author of a book! ‘365 Days of Wholeness’  a Yin Yoga Instructor and more.

I love my life and I am grateful to have found my passion and calling in life.

Tegan  Xo

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