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Go Bananas for Bananas!

Banana’s are one of my favourite foods in the world! Here are 10 reasons why you should go bananas for bananas and experience the amazing health benefits they have to offer!! 1) ENERGY BOOST – Eating only two bananas will give your body enough energy to work out for...

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Healing Power of Frankincense Oil

What is Frankincense? Most of you would know frankincense from the Christmas Story of the 3 Wise Men bringing baby Jesus gifts. One of the prescious gifts was Frankincense. Frankincense is an aromatic, resinous sap from a specific variety of trees in the genus...

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Who am I?

When I was growing up, my mum Trina suffered from Crohn’s disease, which is a horrible and supposedly “incurable” digestive disorder. She’d had this disease as long as I could remember. In fact, when I was born, she was told to stop breastfeeding me, as the...

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Rishikesh India – Part 2

Rishikesh is town in the Dehradun District of Uttarakhand state in India approximately 7 hours drive from New Delhi Airport situated in the foothills of Garhwal Himalayan Range and surrounded by the Shivalik range. Rishikesh is known as the home of YOGA! I have been...

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Eat, Play, Love India Part -1

For those who don’t know I am currently in India completing my 200hr Kundalini Teacher Training at an Ashram/ Yoga School in Rishikesh. It’s my first time here and wow it’s a different but amazing world full of things to discover. Before I arrived in India I had many...

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Lentil Spiced Pie

Lentil Spiced Pie  Base Ingredients: 2 x 400g tins of organic Brown lentils 1 cup cooked Quinoa 2 brown onions 6 cloves of garlic 1 tablespoon coconut oil 1 teaspoon turmeric powder 1 400g tin tomatoes 3 tablespoons of vinegar 2 tablespoons chutney 1 tablespoon mild...

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Berry Smoothie

Berry Smoothie  Berry smoothies are one of my absolute favourites. They are packed full of antioxidants that will keep you looking young and youthful. Ingredients: 2- 4 ripe bananas 1 cup Frozen berries of choice (eg blueberries) 1/2 - 1 litre of Coconut water or...

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The Original Vegie Burger

This Recipe was one of the first Vegie Burgers I created when I became Vegan.
It is so delicious and simple to make. It’s one you can easily make with the contents of your pantry.

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Purify your home

Indoor plants serve more than just a purpose of decorating your home. They also clean and purify the air! Many people don't know that modern furnishings, synthetic building materials, house paint, and even your own carpet may carry more chemicals than you can...

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Pranayama is one of the important vital components of Yoga that affects the functioning of different systems of the body. It is said that pranayama cleanses 72,000 nadis or channels in the body. It helps to purify the blood and the respiratory system. The deeper...

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The Art of Hosting a Women’s Circle

After Hosting my first Women’s Circle on Wednesday night I not only had such wonderful feedback I was asked if I could run them all over Australia.
But unfortunately I can’t be everywhere. So I wanted to share how you can host one yourself in your community to share the message of empowering women.

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