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I run face to face Consultations from my family’s Cafe Urban Projuice in Melbourne during the week. I also run Skype Consultations & Coaching Calls for inter state and international clients. A consultation with me consists of:

  • Discussion about you and your health & lifestyle needs
  • A PDF of a tailored meal plan or Healing plan Recipes
  • Education – so you understand everything in great detail
  • Support

Cost: $100

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Get private coaching to learn how to live a happy healthy balanced lifestyle.

Personal food audits via photo/lists or at your home I will assess your fridge/freezer/pantry and suggest healthier options and help you detox your home.

A tour around your local supermarket will open up a whole new, exciting world of possibilities once you learn how to read food labels. I will help you select healthier versions of your favourite foods. Discover a new range of whole foods and how to use them in your cooking.

After a discussion on your/ your family’s’ food & lifestyle preferences, we will devise a shopping list that will include items to create healthy meals. These will be based on wholefood recipes that are quick and easy to make.

Want to get into shape but not sure where to start and in need of some motivation to keep going? Together we can plan a workout program with goals that suit you and your lifestyle as well as a Meditation program to balance your life

Receive a pack of all the goodies you will need to support your journey. You wil receive the OCEA Body products, a copy of my book ‘365 Days of Wholeness, an enema kit, ear candles and tongue cleaner.

4 Week Program
Cost: $500
Couples: $800


Are you going to juice fast for the first time? Do you need some guidance and support?Juice fasting program includes:

  • Initial Consultation to create a tailored program for you
  • Receive a PDF Juice Fasting Program
  • Get educated! Understand juice fasting enough to explain it to anyone who asks..
  • Receive a Juice fasting Pack with all the Products needed to support your detox
  • Get support when you need! Phone calls & emails to answer any questions that may come up.

Cost: $300

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