For those who don’t know I am currently in Rishikesh completing my 200hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course. In 3 weeks I have learnt so much. I have 1 week to go of exams and I am officially a Kundalini Yoga Teacher!

Many of you may not of heard about Kundalini Yoga or if you have done a class you may have had an interesting experience so I would love to share with you what its all about as I will be offering Kundalini Classes in my retreat and classes at my family’s Cafe Urban Projuice when i’m back home.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga was known previously as Laya Yoga. Laya meaning dissolution. Dissolving barriers between energy (Shakti) and consciousness (Shiva) The word Kundalini is derived from Sanskrit word Kundal meaning coiled one.

When Shakti or energy lies dormant, it assumes the shape of a coil, like a serpent. When awakened the kundalini straightens up like a serpent and moves through the chakras.

Kundalini Yoga is Param Yoga or the Supreme Yoga. It is ancient yet contemporary.

One aspect of the teachings is on knowledge of Braham, which is beyond space and time and the other teachings is on mind and body.
Embedded in it, is the essence of all other yogas, religions and philosophies.

Kundalini has a base of Hath Yoga which we practice here daily to achieve strength and discipline in asanas.

Kundalini governs life through the chakras. The awakening and activation of Kundalini and chakras breaks the cycle of the world and the mind and body unite. As Kundalini is awakened from dormancy it becomes more and more conscious. At the level of crown Chakra it becomes fully conscious uniting with Shiva.



The history of Kundalini

The story of Kundalini Yoga is the story of Goddess because Kundalini represents the Feminine aspect of the cosmos.
It is also directly connected to the Tantra. As the aim of Tantric Practice is to Awaken the Kundalini and chakras.

The earliest findings on Kundalini Tantra was 3000BC

Kundalini energy flows through specific pathways or Nadis. Nadi means flow. Same word in Sanskrit meaning river and also for Nada meaning sound because sound also flows like a wave. The chakras are the vortex of dynamic pools of energy in which nadis end and take origin.

What is Opening of Chakras?

When energy rushes through the body and the brain opens the chakras, it washes away old accumulation of memories, cleans the body and brain and heals them.

With the opening of the first 6 chakras, the mind and body function at their optimal level and integrate with each other to form harmonious wholeness.

Opened by energy the chakras can move in vertical and horizontal directions. The vertical movement causes evolution and the horizontal movement the expansion of consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga is the philosophy and movement combined with breath, music and mantras to energise and awaken the chakras and kundalini energy so you can tap into your innate power.

I look forward to sharing with you more of my practice and some techniques you can do in your everyday life.



Tegan xo